Email marketing book written by Kim MacPherson, CEO / Creative Services Director of email marketing services provider Inbox Interactive, Inc.

Email Marketing Book written by Email Marketing Agency CEO/Creative Services Director

Email Marketing Book written by Email Marketing Agency CEO/Creative Services Director Kim MacPherson

"Permission-Based E-Mail Marketing That Works!" author Kim M. MacPherson

Kim is CEO/Creative Services Director of email marketing agency Inbox Interactive. She has written columns for, DM News, and B-to-B Magazine. Kim also actually launched the first email marketing column on The ClickZ Network.

Kim has spoken on the topic of e-mail marketing across the United States and around the world. Among other places, her travels in this regard have taken her to Australia, Austria, England, Germany, and the Netherlands.

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"Kim MacPherson's book is a great next step for anyone who is sold on Permission Marketing. Exactly the sort of nuts and bolts details you'll need to implement a Permission Marketing campaign of your own."

- Seth Godin, author of
Permission Marketing™

Also available in Korean!

Email Marketing Book written by Email Marketing Agency CEO/Creative Services Director
Whether you're trying to acquire new customers via e-mail or want to get the most from your existing ones, "Permission-Based E-Mail Marketing That Works!" provides all the strategies that you will need.

This book gives marketing novices and experts alike the tools that they will need to develop permission-based e-mail marketing campaigns that sizzle and soar!

From soup to nuts, it's all here:
  • How to develop the strongest offers for your business
  • Budgeting and goal-setting for maximum profitability
  • List planning and research for optimum targeting and response
  • Copywriting that makes your prospects want to "hear" more
  • Designing full color HTML e-mail that is easy on the eyes and quick to download
  • How to pull together testing strategies for your best possible campaigns
  • How to create a dialogue with prospects and customers through e-mail
  • Segmenting your audience with personalized messages to make them yours
  • "Landing page" creative strategies to close the deal
  • Measuring response and capitalizing on your lessons learned
  • Simple steps to increase click-through and conversion rates
  • Plus tons of examples, case studies and much, much more!

Click here to buy it now!For experts and novices alike, "Permission-Based E-Mail Marketing That Works!" is sure to become THE e-mail marketing resource for those doing business online.

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Need a little more encouragement before taking the plunge? Download a table of contents (113K) or a chapter of the book (190K) here!

(Both files are PDF. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader.)